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Since 1998 Tshikapisk has been working with the Arctic Studies Center of the Smithsonian Institution to better understand the ancient history of the Kamestastin region. In the years since the start of this work Innu students and Tshikapisk volunteers working closely with ASC's Stephen Loring have revealed a rich history going back to at least 7,200 years before the present. This human history is entwined with that of the great herds of caribou on which the Mushuau Innu have always depended economically, culturally and spiritually.
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Around 36 million years ago an object from outer space collided with earth to form the basin which now forms the lake of Kamestastin and the depression in which it lies. This gallery will present images, both artists impressions and contemporary photographs to help in understanding this event and the evidence of it which survives today.
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Album of photos from Tshikapisk organized spring skidoo trip to Kamestastin
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In September and October 2006 Tshikapisk Foundation hosted groups from Innu Nation, Natuashish young people and Pinamen Mackenzie school in Sheshatshit. Here are images from those activities.
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Here is a selection of photographs taken by Stephen Loring,Valerie Courtois, John Jacobs and Andrew Trant.
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Beautiful photos taken at Kamestastin in the fall of 2008 by professional photographer Gary McGuffin. These photos have been made available to Tshikapisk Foundation for its purposes but any other use of these images must be made only with permission of Gary and Joanie McGuffin.
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