Posted 20 January 2006, 11:52 pm NST
In September 2002 Tshikapisk hosted a group of Environment Canada scientists and elderly Innu advisers at the Kamestastin facilities. The group arrived in a float equipped turbo otter aircraft but later brought in a helicopter to allow them greater flexibility and better access during their stay.In the course of a week they gathered baseline scientific data, collected vegetation and water samples, and the Innu members of the group acted as ecological interpreters to the Environment Canada scientists. Joe Pomeroy and Dave Wilson represented Environment Canada. They were assisted and advised by Shuashim Nui, Ispastien Pastitshish, Ispastien Penunsi and Antuan Penashue.
Posted 15 January 2006, 7:10 pm NST
In September 2003 Tshikapisk hosted a visit to Kamestastin by two staff members from Philip's Academy in Andover, Massachusetts. Emily Trespas who is an art teacher at Andover, and Malinda Blustain who oversees the Robert Peabody Museum of Archaeology on the school campus were accompanied by Stephen Loring of the Arctic Studies Center at the Smithsonian Institution, and by Tim Borlase, Director of the Labrador Institute in Goose Bay. Rounding out the small group were Anthony Jenkinson and his grand-daughter Jordanna Benuen both of Sheshatshit.

the purpose of the Philip's Academy visit to Kamestastin was to explore the possibility of student programming using Tshikapisk's facilities as a base and for a cross cultural program on the same lines as that which Philip's Academy already runs with the Hopi.
Posted 15 January 2006, 6:55 pm NST
In September 2000 with the kind assistance of David Nui of Utshimassits, (then head of the Mushuauinnu Council of Utshimassits)a gathering of senior Mushuauinnu people was held at Kamestastin. In attendance were: Tshenish, Etuet and Akat Piwas, Nian and Anashe Rich, Uniam and Piname Katshinak, Etuet and Manteskueu Mistanapeu, Utshimaskueu, Munik Rich, MistaShashin, Shuashim and Petastipineu Nui, and Matninish.

David Nui organized and led a caribou hunt which provided plentiful meat to those at...
Posted 08 January 2006, 4:09 pm NST
In May 2004 Robin Hanbury-Tenison, president of Survival International, organized a reception at the Traveller's Club in London, England. The event featured a talk by Napes (Jean-Pierre) Ashini and highlighted the work of Tshikapisk Foundation. Armand Mackenzie, an Innu lawyer and solicitor for
Tshikapisk, also spoke. The reception which was attended by over 40 people raised over C$20,000 for the Foundation. Tshikapisk applied the donations towards purchase of building materials for the Kamestastin Cultural Center, which in turn were transported to site with the help of 3 Hercules transport aircraft provided by the Royal Air Force (see below for details and in the gallery section for images of the parachute drops.)
Posted 08 January 2006, 2:06 pm NST
In the summer of 2003 Wing Commander Quentin D'Arcy, commanding officer at the RAF Unit at Goose Bay, kindly offered to approach 2 Group at RAF Lyneham with a request for air transport assistance to Tshikapisk Foundation.

RAF Lyneham is the base for many of the RAF Hercules transport aircraft.
Fortunately the people at Lyneham liked the idea of delivering stores to the remote Tshikapisk camp and in January 2004 3 Hercules transport took off from Goose Bay loaded with many tons of building...
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