Orma 2006 trip
Album of photos from Tshikapisk organized spring skidoo trip to Kamestastin
32 Images
Stop on the trail to Orma Lake
Jonathan and Dean with porcupine
View near third camp
Black bear tracks in soft snow near camp
Jonathan Walsh and Etienne Tshakapesh
Tent taken down folded and ready to pack
Leaving camp
Skidoo path down brook
Uatnanis near northern camp
Travelling between camp and Shipiskan
Nikeshant dequilling a porcupine
Dean Rich and Nikeshant Penunsi porcupine hunting
Etienne Tshakapesh
Camp at Kaupuamiskat
Nikeshant Penunsi and porcupine
Mantushis splitting wood for tent stove
Mantushis Pone porcupine hunting
Nikeshant Penunsi and Etienne Pone preparing caribou leg bones
Moon over camp on the Shipiskan trail
Jonathan Walsh and caribou heads at Kaupuamiskat camp
Etienne Pone
Skidoo breakdown near Kaupuamiskat
Mantushis Pone carrying wood back to camp
Repairing the komatiks halfway up the Orma road
Setting up tent at third camp
Mantushis Pone and Dr Jules Pretty
Nikeshant Penunsi and ptarmigan
Lakeview near camp 40 miles from Shipiskan
Porcupine on komatik
Etienne Tshakapesh
Jonathan Walsh and Porcupine