The Kamestastin Crater
Around 36 million years ago an object from outer space collided with earth to form the basin which now forms the lake of Kamestastin and the depression in which it lies. This gallery will present images, both artists impressions and contemporary photographs to help in understanding this event and the evidence of it which survives today.
5 Images
The small island in the foreground is the point at which the meteor struck the land where Kamestastin is now situated.
Kamestastin as it appears today in a satellite photograph. The crater rim has been heavily reduced by glacial scouring and the basin has become elongated by the eastward flowing glaciers during previous ice ages.
These images illustrate the stages in the formation of a crater formed by a collision event such as created Kamestastin
Artist's impression of the moment before impact as a meteor collides with earth.
An object such as the one shown in this image entered earth's atmosphere 36 million years ago and collided with the planet at the point where Kamestastin now lies