Happenings, Visitors and News Photos
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Wet day at Kamestastin: Emily Trespas, Philip's Academy, Andover, Tim Borlase, Director of the Labrador Institute and Stephen Loring of the Smithsonian Institution's Arctic Studies Center
Jordanna Benuen and Stephen Loring off on archaeological survey near the Tshikapisk Lodge. Photo: Malinda Blustain, Robert S. Peabody Museum
Shuashim Nui and Environment Canada scientist Joe Pomeroy at Kamestastin, October 2002. Photo: Dave Wilson
Computers come to Kamestastin - Professor Derek Wilton working inside one of the new (and unfinished) cabins at the Tshikapisk camp. Photo: Wayne Broomfield, Altius
Innu Mikun twin otter Touches down at new strip at Kamestastin - Sept 2005. Photo: Stephen Loring
Innu Mikun Twin Otter over new strip at Kamestastin 2. Photo: Stephen Loring
Innu Mikun Twin Otter over new strip at Kamestastin. Photo: Stephen Loring
Innu Mikun Twin Otter on approach to new Kamestastin strip. Photo: Stephen Loring
RAF Lyneham Hercs on approach to the drop zone at Tshikapisk's camp at Kamestastin, January 2004
RAF Hercules flies over Tshikapisk camp moments after parachuting one of several loads into the Kamestastin camp
A crew member in the first of three RAF Hercules watches as a parachute with a load for Kamestastin deploys over the Tshikapisk camp
Robin and Louella Hanbury -Tenison leave Kamestastin after two weeks as guests of Tshikapisk in August 1997. Photo: Ted Ostrowski
Mishen Jack and Shustin Rich removing abandoned fuel drums from Kanahaskuanikanist during 2002 EcoAction program. Photo: Anthony Jenkinson
September 2005: first take off of Innu Mikun Twin otter aircraft from Tshikapisk's newly inaugurated Kamestastin airstrip. Photo: Stephen Loring