The Land
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View towards outflow, June 12, 2008
Kamestastin Camp in evening. Photo: Gerry Yetman
View down Kamestastin from hill at end of outflow. Photo: Gerry Yetman
Percehd erratic left by melting glaciers on hill top. Photo: Gerry Yetman
"Perched erratics", boulders left on hilltop by melting glacier. Photo: Isabelle Schmelzer
Small pool near camp with outflow in background. Photo: Isabelle Schmelzer
Ice forming in small bog pool. Photo: Isabelle Schmelzer
Ice on willows from spray along shore. Photo: Isabelle Schmelzer
View to Kamestastin from point at entrance to narrows. Photo: Isabelle Schmelzer
Redberries at Kamestastin. Photo: Isabelle Schmelzer
Ice forming on tundra pond. Photo: Isabelle Schmelzer
Dead tree by tundra pond. Photo: Isabelle Schmelzer
Dawn at Kamestastin. Photo: Isabelle Schmelzer
Evening, Kamestastin hills. Photo: Andrew Trant
Lichen on rocks. Photo: Andrew Trant
Ikuta. Photo: Andrew Trant
Uatnakan. Photo: Andrew Trant
Kamestastin river, fall 2007. Photo: John Jacobs
Kamestastin tundra fall colours. Photo: John Jacobs
Kamestastin ekupitats. Photo: John Jacobs
Lake view. Photo: John Jacobs
Kamestastin Hill at the west end of the main lake. Photo: Wayne Broomfield, Altius
Stunted dead white spruce near Kamestastin
Kamestastin hill and view down lake to the east - Photo: Stephen Loring
Berries at Kamestastin. Photo: Malinda Blustain, Robert S. Peabody Museum
Airview of Tshikapisk camp site, Eco-lodge and cultural center in center field. Photo: Muriel Queval
Airview of outflow area of Kamestastin. Photo: Muriel Queval
Point on north side of Kamestastin narrows. Photo: Anthony Jenkinson
MCC volunteer John Wien points to the emerging Tshikapisk camp with a view of the surrounding area and Kamestastin in the background. Photo: James Wiebe
View near outflow at Kamestastin - Photo: Stephen Loring