Gary McGuffin's Fall 2008 Kamestastin Photos
Beautiful photos taken at Kamestastin in the fall of 2008 by professional photographer Gary McGuffin. These photos have been made available to Tshikapisk Foundation for its purposes but any other use of these images must be made only with permission of Gary and Joanie McGuffin.
37 Images
River reflections, Kamestastin river
Caribou at Kamestastin, October 2008
Above first rapids on Kamestastin river
Jordanna Benuen, bubbles and picture of her great, great grandfather Nuk
Tshikapisk camp at Kamestastin Ekupitats
Bear tracks on beach at Kamestastin
Caribou running on hills above Kamestastin
Tamarack below cliffs in valley near kupitan
Ice making on hillside
Female caribou running on hillside above Kamestastin
View of Kamestastin outflow from mountain overlooking it.
Frost remaining in shadow cast on beach by canoe
Ice forming on rock wall by Kamestastin river
Uishak (large male caribou in rut) with small caribou.
Caribou above Kamestastin with snowy hills in background
Late evening view of Kamestastin looking west towards Mistaministuk island
View of Kamestastin Ekupitats south side with huge boulder on hillside left by melting glaciers.
Caribou almost ready for fall rut
Kamestastin river, October 2009
Jordanna making Innu string figures
Caribou feeding on mountains south of Kamestastin outflow
Gary McGuffin's tent under northern lights at Kamestastin
Caribou crossing Kamestastin Ekupitats
Caribou swimming across narrows at Kamestastin
Caribou antlers from caribou killed by wolves at water's edge at Kamestastin Ekupitats
Caribou emerge from river and are silhouetted by droplets of water catching the light as they shake themselves.
Caribou backlit by evening light
Jordanna doing the Aisimeutshuapa ( Inuit Houses) string figure outside Gary McGuffin's tent
Jordanna Benuen in valley where many very old Innu sites have been found
Stone knife made by Innu maybe 7000 years ago
Kamestastin: view towards kupitan
Jordanna Benuen at spot where ancient Innu hunters were making tools from quartz
View of Kamestastin from valley leading up to tundra near lake outflow
Kamestastin Ekupitats
Bear skull hung in tree as mark of respect