2006 Fall activities at Kamestastin
In September and October 2006 Tshikapisk Foundation hosted groups from Innu Nation, Natuashish young people and Pinamen Mackenzie school in Sheshatshit. Here are images from those activities.
15 Images
Caribou about 1 kilometre from Tshikapisk camp
Natuashish and Sheshatshiu kids fishing at Kamestastin River
Roderick Mistanapeu with Ramah Chert biface found by Snowden Piwas at new site on Kamestastin River.
Snowden Piwas (Natuashish youth participant.)
Punas Rich (Natuashish youth participant.)
Roderick Mistanapeu (Natuashish youth participant.)
Justin Rich (Natuashish youth participant.)
Jerry Andrew (Natuashish youth participant)
Apatis (Albert Penunsi) Natuashish youth participant
Napeu Atikush (Sebastien Piwas) examining Astatshikuan on island in Kamestastin Ekupitats
Tshikapisk/Innu Nation/St Mary's University youth history and archaeology program: field survey group en route to survey downstream on the Kamestastin River
Ground Slate Ulu from the Tshiashinnuts (Maritime Archaic) period, Tshumushumapeu complex
Snowden Piwas and Stephen Loring entering into the GPS, the location of the new archaeological site found by Snowden and Justin Rich in October 2006 at the Kamestastin River. Photo: Trudy Sable
Stephen Loring and Natuashish youth participants recording new archaeological site at Kamestastin Natuashu. Photo: Trudy Sable
Apatis Penunsi and Snowden Piwas, two members of the Natuashish youth group at the 6500 year old site at the Tshumushumapeu complex. Photo: Trudy Sable