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Kamestastin - July 2005 Program: group of volunteers and youth participants. Photo: Nikeshant Andrew (larger version)
Lloyd Hillier
Eric Gottesman
Johnny Apple Rich (Sheshatshit)
Apat and Maniakat Rich (Natuashish)
Napeu Atikush/Sebastien Piwas and Maniaten Piwas (Natuashish)
Matnen Benuen (Sheshatshit)
Patnikush Rich (Natuashish)
Jim Rich (Sheshatshit)
Tamanen Benuen (Natuashish)
Nian Jack and Naisa Rich(Natuashish)
Antea Rich
Gary Rich and Helen Penashue (Natuashish)
Stephanie Rich (Natuashish)
Peter John Jack (Natuashish)
Shenumish Rich (Natuashish)
John Wilson, (Go Fishing)
Robin and Louella Hanbury-Tenison, Bodmin, Cornwall, U.K.
Kiti Rich
Roland Dicker
Punas Rich (Natuashish)
Bill Mackowski (Old Town, Maine, U.S.A.)
Lynne Fitzhugh (Washington D.C.)
Masen Ashini (Sheshatshit)
Rick Macleod Farley
Mike Robbins (Toronto, Ontario)
Tadesh and Matshkueu (Natuashish)
Mashan Katshinak (Natuashish)
Shuashim and Manishan Ketshastipineu Nui (Natuashish)
Shuashimis Nui (Natuashish)
Charles Pasteen (Natuashish)
Etuetis Piwas (Natuashish)
Akat Piwas (Natuashish)
Etienne Pastiwet (Natuashish and Sheshatshit)
Nuk Rich (Sheshatshit)
Lloyd Rich (Natuashish)
Shustin Rich (Sheshatshit)
Napesh Rich (Sheshatshit)
Ennen Andrew (Sheshatshit)
Apuei Andrew (Sheshatshit)
Toby Gregoire (Sheshatshit)
Richard Moosey Gregoire (Sheshatshit)
Chris Gregoire (Sheshatshit)
Kanikuenis Mark (Sheshatshit)
Aniskutapan Celina Ashini (Sheshatshit)
Guy Andrew (Sheshatshit)
Eric Andrew (Sheshatshit)
Jerome Pone (Sheshatshit)
Pun Benuen (Sheshatshit)
Pien Pone (Sheshatshit)
Gerry Montague (Sheshatshit)
Mishen Andrew (Sheshatshit)
Courtland Pokue (Sheshatshit)
Mishen Jack (Sheshatshit)
Bern Martin (Sheshatshit)
David Nui (Natuashish)
Ben Rich (Natuashish)
Shimiu Tshakapesh (Natuashish)
Roland Dicker (Natuashish)
Stephen Loring (Washington D.C.)
Tim Borlase (Moncton, N.B.)
Nikashant Andrew (Sheshatshit)
Shimunis Andrew (Sheshatshit)
Tina Andrew (Sheshatshit)
Penote Andrew (Sheshatshit)
Shuashim Andrew (Sheshatshit)
Pukuti Nuna (Sheshatshit)
Pien Selma (Sheshatshit)
Philip Rich (Sheshatshit)
Paul Rich Jr. (Sheshatshit)
Makatan Jonathan Pinette (Sheshatshit)
Uasheikan Joachim Benuen (Sheshatshit)
Paul Pigott (Goose Bay)
Colin Samson (Colchester, U.K.)
Katya Brooks (London, U.K.)
Nastash Qupee (Sheshatshit)
Roland Butler, Altius
Wayne Broomfield, Altius
Malinda Blustain (Philip's Academy, Andover, Mass.)
Emily Trespass (Philip's Academy, Andover, Mass.)
Wing Commander Quentin D'Arcy (Royal Air Force.)
Squadron Leader Paddy Currie (Royal Air Force.)
Squadron Leader Andre Adamson (Royal Air Force.)
Sgt Kev O'Flynn(Royal Air Force.)
Colonel Helmut Roehrig (Luftwaffe.)
Susanne Groetzinger (Luftwaffe.)
Tom Paddon (VBNC, Goose Bay.)
Herman Perry,(VBNC, Voisey's Bay.)
Wayne Sheppard (Aliant Telecom, Goose Bay.)
Richard Dewey, Base Manager, Innu Mikun, Goose Bay.
Gord Sandsford, Innu Mikun Cargo.
Noel Bennett, Chief Pilot, Innu Mikun
Muriel and Claude Queval (M.C.C. Labrador.)
Rick Baumann (M.C.C. Ontario)
Hans Lindner (D.N.D. Goose Bay)
Dusty Millar, Manager, SERCO, Goose Bay.
Rick Gill, V.B.N.C., St Johns, Newfoundland.
Prof.Derek Wilton, Memorial University
Bob Johnson, Presqu'ile, Maine.
Tom Marquis, Atlas Van Lines
Lawrence Peck, Northern Cross Church, Goose Bay
Gillian Anderson, Victoria, BC
Trudy Sable, Gorsebrook Research Institute
Apatis Penunsi
Gerry Andrew
Snowden Piwas
Roderick Tshakapesh
Justin Rich
Three RAF Hercules from 2 Group at Lyneham on approach to the Tshikapisk site at Kamestastin for parachute drop of building materials and donated items. (larger version)
Institutions, Agencies, Organizations, Companies
Gorsebrook Research Institute
Saint Mary's University
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
Arctic Studies Center, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution
Survival International
Canadian Executive Services Overseas (CESO/SACO)
Amnesty International (Montreal)
Mushuau Innu Band Council of Natuashish
Sheshatshit Innu Band Council
Royal Air Force Unit Goose Bay
Royal Air Force 2 Group, Lyneham
Bundesluftwaffe, Goose Bay
SERCO, Goose Bay
Voisey's Bay Nickel Company
Altius Minerals Corporation
Farlows, Pall Mall
Quebec Labrador Foundation
Macleod Farley and Associates
International Grenfell Association
Mennonite Central Committee
Mennonite Disaster Services
The Alder Institute
Tides Canada Foundation
L to R Orlan Martin (MCC), Mishen Pastatshish (T.F.),Toby Gregoire (T.F.),John Wien (M.C.C.), Guy Andrew (T.F.), Bob Johnson, Adrien Berthiaume (S.A.C.O./C.E.S.O.), James Wiebe (M.D.S.), Anthony Jenkinson (T.F.), Mishen "Giant" Andrew (T.F.), Richard "Moosey" Gregoire (T.F.) Photo: Orlan Martin (larger version)
Volunteers: Mennonite Central Committee and Mennonite Disaster Services
Klaus Wehrenberg
Orlan Martin
James Wiebe
John Wien
Harald Matthiessen
Kevin Baumann
Randy Small
Volunteers - CESO/SACO
Renaud Levesque MBA, Montreal
Adrien Berthiaume, architect, Montreal
Mme Lili Haury, Renewable Energy Consultant, Eco-Solaire, Montreal
The Traveller's Club
Those who attended or otherwise supported the Traveller's Club reception and fundraising appeal in May 2004
The Hon. Alexander Foley
Mr Arthur Cory
Mr Brian Fratel, Farlows (represented by Paul Morris)
Mr Robert MacIver
Mr Christopher Foyle (Foyle’s Bookshop)
Mr Peter French
Mr Tom Sutherland
Mr John Gimlette (author of Theatre of Fish)
Mr Richard Legge
Mr Peter Baxendale (Strutt & Parker’s sporting agency)
Mr Tony Bird (ex Chairman, Salmon & Trout Assoc)
Mr Peter McLeod (Frontiers Travel)
Mr Gilbert Holbourn
Mr Rupert Grey
Mr Charles Jardine (Director, Campaign for Fishing, author of Sotheby’s guide to angling for trout)
Sir Ian Rankin Bt.
Baroness Golding
Mr John Wilson
Mr & Mrs Anthony Burrell
Prince Friso van Oranje-Nassau
Mr Marc Westheim
Mrs Wisse-Smith
Mr & Mrs Eric Bettelheim (Mishcon de Reya)
Mr Halvor Astrup
Mr & Mrs Simon Mounsey
Mr & Mrs Russell-Cobb
The Earl of Stockton (MEP)
Zac Goldsmith (Editor, The Ecologist)
Teddy & Kathy Goldsmith
Christopher Ondaatje
Mark Firth (Roxton,Bailey and Robinson)
Paul Van Vlissingham & Caroline Tisdall
John Hemming
Jonathan Young (Editor, "The Field")
Iona, Duchess of Argyll
William Entwistle
Michael Robinson
John Jackson
Stephen Rumsey
Mr & Mrs Robert Gray
Nick Laing (Steppes East)
Maggie Smit (Go Fishing Worldwide)
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