Kamestastin Eco-Lodge
Tshikapisk's Kamestastin Eco-Lodge and Cultural Center under construction in October 2001. Photo: Harald Matthiessen (larger version)
In the winter of 2000/2001 Tshikapisk Foundation began preparations to establish a permanent camp at the east end of Kamestastin Lake. Logs were cut and hauled to the site over the winter ice. In July the logs were peeled and prepared for building using the chainsaw mounted "log wizard" power planer. In August of 2001 the foundations posts were poured and the base of the forthcoming main lodge was laid out.
In September 2001 the lodge starts to emerge as several courses of logs are laid out. Photo: Orlan Martin (larger version)
A work in progress
Since the first year, in which the basic shell of the lodge was erected as well as a staff cabin with accomodation for six, Tshikapisk has added four more buildings. A storage cabin was built in 2003 and three small guest cabins in the summer of 2005.
Tshikapisk has faced daunting challenges. Prominent amongst these has been the remoteness of the site,the associated expense and difficulty of transporting materials to Kamestastin, and finding the necessary financial support to bring the project to completion and operational status.
Tshikapisk Foundation's Kamestastin Center as it appeared in September 2005 Photo: Colin Samson (larger version)
The way forward
Tshikapisk would not have been able to achieve the progress towards its goals accomplished to date without the support of a long list of individuals, organizations, and government departments both in Canada and overseas (see the section in this website entitled "Thanks to".) It also needs to be pointed out that without the inventiveness, imagination, commitment and dogged persistence of the web of Tshikapisk activists, Tshikapisk Board members, supporters, volunteers and well-wishers, the accomplishments to date would not have been possible.
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