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To find out more about our programs, contact:
Jean Pierre Ashini or Anthony Jenkinson


Tshikapisk Foundation, Shetshatshiu,
Labrador, Canada A0P 1M0

Sebastien Piwas


Tshikapisk Foundation

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What you can do to assist Tshikapisk
Tshikapisk Foundation began to establish its cultural center and Eco-lodge in the winter of 2000/2001. The Foundation has been the recipient of much material, in-kind and volunteer help since then but in spite of all the generosity the Center at Kamestastin has not yet been completed. The initiative was an ambitious one and the chosen location in the heartland of the Mushuau Innu territory remote from centers where some of the needed and materials were to be obtained. But there were and are good reasons for the chosen location.

Tshikapisk welcomes offers of contributions of volounteer technical and trades support, as well as financial contributions or contributions of materials and needed equipment.

Please contact us if you wish to volunteer or otherwise contribute to the work of Tshikapisk.
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